Development Projects

1 Jun 2007– 31 Dec 2010

The Pocket Guide is a tool integrating the functionality of the cityguide, the audioguide and the navigation systems. The service makes sightseeing possible without any additional preparation. With its help, the tourist does not need calculate and plan sightseeing using guidebooks and information on the Internet or select at random from the torrent of the available information.

1 Jan 2007– 31 Dec 2009

__RICOH - SZTAKI press release

1 Oct 2006– 30 Sep 2010

Coordinated by Continental AG the consortium of major European car manufacturers, suppliers, research institutions, and academia addresses a vehicle system that promises maximum impact and reward regarding the transferability to other parts of the vehicle and that can be achieved within the 4 years of duration of the project:

1 Aug – 30 Nov

The targets, the scope and the dimension of the T-Soa project are withheld.

1 Jul 2006– 31 Dec 2008

Development of an identity management system, which is strongly related to a system of a mobile operator; fully meets the requirements of data protection regulations, even force the usage of them, and demonstration of the operation in a standardized e-commerce experimental application environment.
The Authentication and Authorization Subsystem is based on the standards of Federative Identity Management (Liberty, and OASIS SAML).

1 Jun 2006– 31 Oct 2007

The goal of the project

Freesoft Plc. has made considerable efforts to make the quality of its products and services better via the developments that are to be realized through R&D project results. Its Contentum content management product, which is a market leader in the field of file and document management systems used in public administration in Hungary, aims to support the better management of search and retrieval functions of these systems and to reduce the high costs of digitizing.

1 Jan – 31 Dec

The main objective of the program is to establish the network of resource centers of education and experts - the New Media Knowledge Villages - for integrated digital TV and web developments that are based on the "TV anywhere-anytime" model. The convergence of the internet and broadcasting offers the opportunity of developing new values and new, high quality content within the area of education services. The project exploits the training opportunity that is offered by the integration of the internet and digital TV.

1 Jan 2006– 31 Dec 2009

The aim of this project is to review T-Online's current web development and web design methodology, and to propose modifications to speed up T-Online's web design and to make current portals more ergonomic.

1 Nov 2005– 30 Sep 2008

The wide range of operational risks companies and organisations are exposed to, encompass risks stemming from wilful internal and external frauds, and other criminal acts as well as from deficiencies of internal procedures, weak control thereof and insufficient staff skill and experience. As a consequence of all these, companies (may) incur significant losses. One of the specific objectives of our project is the reduction/mitigation of operational risk in financial institutions.

17 Oct 2005– 31 Oct 2004

This project aims at developing a prototype intelligent information system which allows doctors and nurses to have convenient access to patient data as well as to clinical guidelines specifying recommended actions to be taken in different clinical conditions. Patient data are stored in a multimedia medical record system organized around problems evolving and changing over time. Problem oriented medical records are linked to the patient follow up system containing information on cost and resource utilization associated with traumatology services.