Development Projects

13 Dec 2013– 30 Jun 2015

The eLearning Department of MTA SZTAKI prepared a mobile application and multilingual walks downloadable to mobile devices within the framework of project entitled "Development of Public Association for Tourism in Tata as a local-level TDM organisation". The Tattami advanture game is a GPS-based interactive travel among the walks in Tata application. The walk entitled "Tattami adventure game - walk the Calvary road" unifies the exciting world of legends and puzzles associated with the locations and the novel experiences of a long-awaited travel guaranteeing recreation.

25 Nov 2013– 31 Mar 2014

We prepare an innovative and complex training material for all levels of the public education in order to successfully execute the development of the key competence National self-awareness, patriotic education formulated in the National curriculum that came into effect in September 2013. The training material makes continuous teaching, learning and widespread knowledge transfer possible for both the teachers and pupils from the age of kindergartener to completing the secondary school.

24 Nov 2013– 31 Mar 2015

The HEXAA project includes a detailed study on present applications of Attribute Authorities (AA), and profound research on the legal and policy aspects. Realizing the problem of the limited attribute set that can be provided by real life Identity Providers a user-centric Attribute Authority is proposed. Based on this concept, a new Attribute Authorities implementation is to be developed which would facilitate AA integration into federations and eduGAIN.

30 Oct 2013– 31 Oct 2014

MTA SZTAKI creates and introduces a mobile tourist information system for Duna-Gerecse Tourism Public Benefit Nonprofit Ltd. and develops related multilingual walks in a standalone Duna-Gerecse audio guide application with independent sales.

1 Oct 2013– 31 Oct 2016

The RobustPlaNet project aims at developing an innovative technology-based business approach that will drastically change the current rigid supply chain mechanisms and the current product-based business models into collaborative and robust production networks able to timely deliver innovative product-services in very dynamic and unpredictable, global environments.

9 Sep 2013– 31 Dec 2016

Talent is a national treasure of Hungary, and talent support is a national issue; nevertheless, the knowledge of talented Hungarian young people and adults is utilised to a much lower degree than would be warranted by the interests of the country. The outstanding importance of talent support, however, is being given increasing attention nationally.

22 Jul 2013– 31 Dec 2016

Videotorium is a video/audio sharing portal created for the players of research and education. Videotorium provides professional presentation of video content recorded at higher-education organisations, research institutions and public collections. Videotorium has been launched in June 2010 by the maintainer of the Hungarian research and education computer network infrastructure National Information Infrastructure Development (NIIF) Institute.

1 Jul 2013– 31 Dec 2015

The CloudSME project will develop a cloud-based, one-stop-shop solution providing a scalable platform for small or larger scale simulations, and enable the wider take-up of simulation technologies in manufacturing and engineering SME’s. The CloudSME Simulation Platform will support end user SME’s to utilise customized simulation applications in the form of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) based provision.

3 Jun 2013– 31 Jul 2015

MTA SZTAKI creates and introduces a mobile tourist information system for MIDMAR Miskolci Idegenforgalmi Marketing Nonprofit Kft. in a standalone Miskolc GUIDE@HAND audio guide application with independent sales.

1 Nov 2012– 31 Oct 2014

Main objective is to involve and engage in long-term significantly more citizens and new communities in the volunteer and private (campus-wide or enterprise) Distributed Computing Infrastructures by supporting the rapid creation, efficient operation, and dynamic expansion of this type of DCIs for e-Science. Coordinate and synchronise the dissemination and support activities of major European stakeholders of volunteer and Desktop Grids with focus on the International Desktop Grid Federation.