Development Projects

Cloud services are spreading around the globe both for academic and business use. The reason for their popularity lies in the fact that cloud computing is largely scalable and flexible, enabling users to utilize it in varying fields and at different scales. MTA aimed to conform to these new trends and to face the challenges of such an endeavor by creating its own cloud service, made possible by the joint efforts of MTA SZTAKI and MTA WIGNER FK Data center.

We develop data stream processing and predictive analytics tools for telecommunications data. One of our goals is a distributed Internet of Things data hub.

In a research project for Bosch, we develop scrap detection models based on the physical sensors of the manufacturing devices as well as logs of the production environment.

We develop clilent data deduplication, insurance fraud and pricing analysis tools for AEGON Hungary.

Az eLearning Osztály ipari célú felhasználásra hozta létre az EMESE állapotjelentő okostelefonos, angol nyelvű alkalmazást. A cél egy olyan okostelefonon működő termék- és folyamatállapot jelentő felület megvalósítása volt, amely lehetőséget biztosít a felhasználók számára a következőkre:

The Sindy Project is Institute's own unmanned aerial vehicle development project. The aircraft was designed to serve as a test platform for UAV on-board avionics system development. The mathematical model will be  identified and it will be made available to the public. The main goal was to create an easily reproducible aircraft, using accessible parts and simple technologies, which only require ordinary tools. This feature - together with the availablity of the mathematical model - makes this aircraft a good platform for control research purposes.