Innovative eLearning Tool for Quality Training Material
1 Dec 2007– 28 Feb 2010
External identifier
2007-1967/001-001 LE3 MULPRO

The aim of the Innovative eLearning Tool for Quality Training Material in VET (IQTool) project is to develop an open source software tool integrated in LMS(s), which is suitable to assess the teaching quality management of eLearning training programs and training materials for supporting the application of the quality measurement tool for institutions dealing with vocational training and which therefore can promote the establishment and development of quality culture. The project implementation integrates testing of software and pilot training of the training material as well. Thus the aim of the project is to elaborate an eLearning quality tool which can be applied at European level and which enables the teaching of quality management. Also, the project aims to provide the management and quality assurance of vocational training with an effective tool.

The innovative aim of the project is to develop a software tool for the evaluation of the training materials in LMS on the basis of research work result and quality assurance methodology will be formed in this project. The advantage of the integration of the evaluation system and LMS is that it can store the answers related to the quality simultaneously when the training material pages displayed on the screen. Furthermore, it offers for developers and teachers an opportunity to display statistically the results in the LMS(s) which helps to evaluate them.

The innovative content means development an up-to-date and interactive eLearning tool which helps the the quality assurance of eLearning training materials development in vocational training institutions can be carried out.


SZÁMALK Education and Information Technology Ltd. (SZÁMALK Ltd., Hungary)
The Research Foundation TISIP (TISIP, Norway)
Technical University of Crete, Laboratory of Distributed Multimedia Information Systems and Applications (TU Crete, Greece)
Computer and Automation Research Institute, Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA SZTAKI, Hungary)
Research Institute for Vocational Training (F-BB, Germany)
Vocational Training Centre for Metallurgy and Metalwork Industry (CENFIM, Portugal)