Smart energy-positive street lighting system

On-site deployment of the smart energy-positive street lighting system called E+grid has been completed at the MTA campus at Csillebérc, Budapest. This state-of-the-art lighting system was developed with support of the Hungarian Government by a consortium led by General Electric Hungary , with the participation of MTA SZTAKI , MTA MFA and BME .

E+grid achieves a positive yearly energy balance by the application of an appropriate combination of LED luminaries dimmed by motion sensors and photovoltaic energy generation. Batteries, smart meters, and two-way connection to the electricity grid enable the system to exploit variable energy tariffs, and to become an active player at the electricity market.

The central controller of the E+grid system was designed and implemented by the Engineering and Management Research Laboratory of MTA SZTAKI and by the Fraunhofer-SZTAKI Project Center for Production Management and Informatics . The controller aims at monitoring the operation of the complete lighting and energy management system, and enables its management via a web-based graphical user interface. Furthermore, the central controller computes predictions on future energy production and consumption, calculates the amount of energy required in the batteries for bridging an eventual power outage in island mode, and optimizes the energy flow for minimizing the cost of energy consumed by the lighting system.

Further informations and a video about the system are available here .