Scientific Projects

23 Sep 2020– 22 Sep 2024

Knowledge graphs have become the most important tools of sharing and connecting research or industry information and contacts.  These graphs enable, in a flexible way, the access, use and publication of data as a distributed system.

1 Feb 2016– 31 Jan 2019

The COURAGE project is exploring the methods for cultural opposition in the socialist era (cc. 1950-1990). We are building a database of historic collections, persons, groups, events and sample collection items using a fully linked data solution with data stored in an RDF triple store. The registry will be used to create virtual and real exhibitions and learning material, and will also serve as a basis for further narratives and digital humanities (DH) research.

1 Feb 2014– 31 Jul 2016

The objective of the Share-PSI 2.0 Thematic Network is to bring together a very broad range of stakeholders in the re-use of public sector information and to help them reach consensus on technical standards, complementing existing and ongoing initiatives in the domain.

1 Dec 2013– 31 Dec 2014

ChaosFire is an innovative experiment executed in the frame of the 1st Open Call of the Fed4FIRE. Following the succesful comnpletion of KOPFire as part of BonFIRE, ChaosFire is DSD's second Future Internet Research and Experimentation (FIRE) project.

1 Oct 2012– 31 Oct 2014

The NextGeneration project aims at the re-thinking of the terms scientific publication and scientific journal and researching the new generation of publications (multi-layer, enhanced publications, nanopublications, data papers, etc.). We would also like to prepare for a paradigm shift in the handling of primary/raw data, annotations, reviews and open access regarding research papers. A concrete pilot is planned with a Hungarian journal on economics.

The project will focus on the current problems including:

1 Sep 2012– 31 Dec 2013

BonFIRE will design, build and operate a multi-site Cloud prototype FIRE facility to support research across applications, services and systems at all stages of the R&D lifecycle, targeting the services research community on Future Internet.

1 Sep 2012– 31 Aug 2014

„Blindness separates us from things, but deafness separates us from people.” (Helen Keller)

Show your voice! The InterpreterGlove system operates as a sign language interpreter, enabling the speech- and hearing-impaired to communicate with the nondisabled using sign language, their native language. As the signs are automatically transformed to text and audible speech, this solution will significantly improve the communication for the hearing-disabled.

1 Jan 2012– 31 Dec 2014

The objective of the Chaoster project is to create a collaborative software system for crisis management on mobile platform using new paradigms. We are also going to research and develop the enabling technologies and algorithms, in the fields of networking, communication, group decision, context identification and mobile, semantic and cooperative software. The project aims to have an interdisciplinary approach.

1 Sep 2011– 30 Sep 2013

The aim of the project is to do experiments about an e-science platform which supports the daily activities of researchers and creative workers. The software tools and services used by researchers changes rapidly nowadays mostly because of the fast evolution of ICT, and therefore researchers need to devote much time to learning and practicing the use of these tools in order to enhance their productivity.


1 Jan 2009– 31 Aug 2010

The ILI (Intelligent Visitor Guidance: Interactive environment driven by contextual semantics) project's aim is to create an integrated visitor guidance framework that is able to guide visitors in various environments (e.g. museum, hospital, shopping mall, car park, etc.), integrating the capabilities of sensors, location devices and modern displays and interactive devices, thus ILI creates intelligent buildings by enabling high level context-aware services for users.