REconfiguration of CONtrol in Flight for Integral Global Upset REcovery
1 Jan 2013– 31 Dec 2015

The main goal of RECONFIGURE is to investigate and develop aircraft guidance and control (G&C) technologies that facilitate the automated handling of off-nominal/abnormal events and optimize the aircraft status and flight.

The automatism of the G&C will help alleviate the pilots task and optimize performance by automatically reconfiguring the aircraft to its optimal flight condition. This automatism and optimization must be performed while maintaining the current aircraft safety levels.

This goal is achieved by pursuing four main scientific & technological (S&T) objectives:
Advanced parameter estimation and fault diagnosis approaches.

Reconfigurable G&C approaches.

Integration issues and approaches for estimation, diagnosis and G&C.

Clearance approaches for the above type of systems (individually and integrated.


Deimos Space S.L.U., Airbus Operations SAS, DLR, ONERA, SZTAKI, Delft University of Technology, University of Exeter, University of Cambridge


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