3D simulation model of the logistic system of a factory under construction

In the recent past, colleagues of the Research Laboratory on Engineering & Management Intelligence cooperated with Syncreon Hungary Ltd. which is responsible for the operation of the overall logistic system of AUDI Győr and several other companies. During the collaborative project a simulation model was created to present the process of a logistic system of a factory under construction.

Syncreon is competing with a tender for planning and operating this logistic system. A 3D simulation model was attached to their tender to visualize the processes of raw material receiving, storing, preparing, production line feeding and empty handling. Our colleagues applied Siemens Plant Simulation to build the simulation model, and generate demonstration videos. Several simulation experiment were fulfilled on the model of the proposed logistic system. The experiments revealed the critical situations of the future infrastructure.

The cooperation between MTA SZTAKI and Syncreon is not over yet, the negotiations are started regarding a novel simulation examination. The next model will represent a crucial part of the logistic system designed by Syncreon and operating in England.

Project partners

Syncreon Hungary Ltd.