Scientific Projects

1 Dec 2014– 30 Nov 2017

European Defence Agency Ad-Hoc Research and Technology Category B Project

Based on the APIS project, with extended goals: "To study, define, analyse a new system concept for implementing and demonstrating ISAR imaging capability in a plug-in multistatic array passive radar finalized to target recognition."

1 Mar 2014– 30 Jun 2017

Execute the research and development program, that was defined by the key regional members of manufacturing-machining-automotive-mechatronics branches. With national and global players, realization of future oriented, strategically important, technically clearly defined and interrelated, targeted research and development activities.

1 Feb 2014– 31 Jul 2016

The objective of the Share-PSI 2.0 Thematic Network is to bring together a very broad range of stakeholders in the re-use of public sector information and to help them reach consensus on technical standards, complementing existing and ongoing initiatives in the domain.


1 Jan 2014– 30 Jun 2016

Conventional treatment of the cataract is the surgical replacement of the lens of impaired transparency by an artificial intraocular lens. This can provide considerable recuperation of the vision patients. Since the eye cannot focus the artificial intraocular lenses (IOLs), the latest IOLs have multiple focus, which enables patents to cover both short range and long range sharp vision. In this project we investigate through simultaions how, and what extent can the neural system adapt to the changed imaging properties of the implanted artificial lens, especially to the multi-focal ones.

1 Jan 2014– 31 Jul 2016
1 Jan 2014– 31 Dec 2018

The project aims to establish an agricultural knowledge centre and decision support system based on data gathered by an innovative, complex sensor system and from international open repositories. The new research infrastructure and service platform rely on big data, cloud, and HPC technologies to support precision farming.

1 Dec 2013– 31 Dec 2014

ChaosFire is an innovative experiment executed in the frame of the 1st Open Call of the Fed4FIRE. Following the succesful comnpletion of KOPFire as part of BonFIRE, ChaosFire is DSD's second Future Internet Research and Experimentation (FIRE) project.

24 Nov 2013– 31 Mar 2015

The HEXAA project includes a detailed study on present applications of Attribute Authorities (AA), and profound research on the legal and policy aspects. Realizing the problem of the limited attribute set that can be provided by real life Identity Providers a user-centric Attribute Authority is proposed. Based on this concept, a new Attribute Authorities implementation is to be developed which would facilitate AA integration into federations and eduGAIN.

1 Oct 2013– 31 Oct 2016

The RobustPlaNet project aims at developing an innovative technology-based business approach that will drastically change the current rigid supply chain mechanisms and the current product-based business models into collaborative and robust production networks able to timely deliver innovative product-services in very dynamic and unpredictable, global environments.

1 Jul 2013– 30 Jun 2016

DUSIREF (Dynamic Urban Scene Interpretation and REconstruction through remotely sensed data Fusion) is a joint project of the Distributed Events Analysis Research Laboratory (DEVA) of MTA SZTAKI and Infoterra-Astrium GeoInformation Services Hungary, funded by the European Space Agency (ESA) under the PECS-HU framework. The main objective of the project is high level urban scene recognition and change interpretation based on heterogeneous Remote Sensing (RS) data sources (mainly optical and TerraSAR satellite images and LIDAR data).