Networking Centres of High Quality Research on Knowledge Technologies and Applications
1 Aug 2004– 31 Jul 2007

The objective of the program is to support co-operation between research institutes that deal with the development of knowledge technology and eLearning applications, in order to facilitate the distribution of development results and their widespread utilisation. In the course of the program the partner institutes will implement researcher exchange programs, joint workshops and work discussions in the interest of exploiting the research results. The program covers the research areas of developing and using distributed multimedia networks, semantic web technologies, data mining, multi-agent technologies, integrated eLearning solutions - web, digital TV, mobile technologies - portable courseware.

Partners: 5

  • MTA SZTAKI (Hungary) coordinator
  • Institute of Mathematics and Informatics - Bulgarian Academy of Sciences - IMI BAS (Bulgaria)
  • Institute of Information Technologies - Bulgarian Academy of Sciences - IIT BAS (Bulgaria)
  • University of Klagenfurt Institute for Information Technology (Ausztria)
  • Novitech Partner Ltd. - NTP - (Slovakia)

Total Budget: 259 128 Euro