SZTAKI researcher holds presentation on the manufacturing aspects of Artificial Intelligence in regards of intellectual properties

Zsolt János Viharos, senior researcher of SZTAKI presented at the IP-IT Academy webinar, organized by the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office.

Viharos started his speech with the international trends of artificial intelligence, one of which is the rivalry between the United States and China in terms of patents – these two countries are the greatest spenders when it comes to research and development. Viharos also presented the European approach, including the structure of the Artificial Intelligence Strategy of Hungary.

According to Viharos, one of the major focuses of artificial intelligence related research in Hungary – in line with the 2020-2030 goals of the Artificial Intelligence Strategy – is manufacturing, but healthcare, agriculture and administration are also important fields.

In production, industry actors are mainly focusing on the development of new technologies and the even wider spread of use of artificial intelligence. The agenda has two parts: aside of even better efficiency, attention grows on new, previously unachievable manufacturing methods, including new procedures based on artificial intelligence. Some results are already being implemented in the production-related research projects of the Artificial Intelligence National Laboratory, coordinated by SZTAKI.

“There are several occasions in the cutaway of manufacturing and artificial intelligence when intellectual properties should be utilized, including the design and creation of related processes and systems” – stated Viharos. “First, it is practical to defend intellectual properties, while it is also important to help the intense spread of such protected solutions. There is still a lot to do in this field.”

Image: Unsplash