Flowbster on the MTA Cloud


Flowbster is a new cloud-oriented workflow system. It was designed to create efficient data pipelines in clouds by which very large data sets can efficiently be processed. The Flowbster workflow can be deployed in the target cloud as a virtual infrastructure through which the data to be processed can flow and meanwhile it flows through the workflow it is transformed as the business logic of the workflow defines it. The Flowbster workflow can be deployed in the target cloud on-demand based on the underlying Occopus cloud deployment and orchestrator tool. Flowbster also provides an intuitive graphical user interface for end-user scientists. This interface hides the low level cloud-oriented layers and hence users can concentrate on the business logic of their data processing applications without having detailed knowledge on the underlying cloud infrastructure.

Flowbster is available at the official website of the MTA Cloud (https://cloud.mta.hu/flowbster-autodock-vina). At the tutorial, which is under the services menu, we used the Audock Vina application to test the Flowbster workflow, to read more about this application check the documentation.