Development Projects

21 Aug 2016– 21 Aug 2017

The development, publication and operation of multi-platform (iOS and Android) smartphone application for the demonstration of the memorial points of Pop Historical Educational Path of Tamás Cseh Programme.

1 Aug 2015– 1 Oct 2020

The eLearning Department of MTA SZTAKI prepares a stand-alone mobile application named as GUIDE@HAND Hercegkút within the framework of project entitled "Development of highlighted tourism attractions and services" which is available on iOS and platforms in 5 languages. The application includes several guided walks and panorama pictures among other tourist services on village Hercegkút located in the Tokaj wine region.

12 Feb – 1 Sep

The eLearning Department of MTA SZTAKI prepared an application optimised for mobile devices for Mobilis Ltd. in order to support career orientation activity within the framework of project entitled "Development of Economical and Social Role of Regional Innovation and Technology Centre of Automotive Industry on the Basis of the Széchenyi István University". The application can be found under name of
"6ásos mérnök" in the application stores (Google Play és Apple App Store).

1 Nov 2014– 1 Oct 2017

The aim of the project is to extend the information services provided by the Municipality of Törökbálint Township. The mobile contents follow the updates of the database of the Web page of the town thanks to the data synchronisation. Introduction to the sights of the town, interactive map that can be downloaded in advance and thematic festival and event recommenders belong to the basic functionalities of the application.

15 Aug 2014– 1 Jul 2015

MTA SZTAKI prepares a complex training material in water management as a subcontractor of domestic TAMOP project “Academic cooperation for the water sector”. The training material covers 20 subjects and contains several thousands of multimedia elements (pictures, videos and animations) and a huge amount of mathematical formulas. It complies with the international standard SCORM and consequently, open source standard Learning Management Systems (LMSs) such as ILIAS and Moodle can load and display it.

17 Jul – 1 Sep

The Budapest Museum of Fine Arts and the Hungarian National Gallery opened an exhibition of 25 international masterpieces from their collections on large outdoor digital displays in the centre of Madrid. The exhibition dubbed "Art on the Street from Budapest", featuring works by the likes of El Greco, Leonardo, Raphael and Munkacsy, will be on show near the Prado Museum until August 9.
The show is meant to draw attention to the rich collection of internationally important works in the two Budapest museums that merged two years ago.

9 May 2014– 1 Jan 2017

The Official App of the Budapest Zoo featuring map, visitor information, animals and today’s activities and programmes. Dozens of animal species are described in detail with photos.
* Explore a graphical map of the Zoo.
* Use GPS tracking to find your way around the Zoo.
* Find your favourite animals from over 100 featured species.
* Set reminders for talks, and events you don’t want to miss.

13 Dec 2013– 1 Jul 2015

The eLearning Department of MTA SZTAKI prepared a mobile application and multilingual walks downloadable to mobile devices within the framework of project entitled "Development of Public Association for Tourism in Tata as a local-level TDM organisation". The Tattami advanture game is a GPS-based interactive travel among the walks in Tata application. The walk entitled "Tattami adventure game - walk the Calvary road" unifies the exciting world of legends and puzzles associated with the locations and the novel experiences of a long-awaited travel guaranteeing recreation.

25 Nov 2013– 1 Apr 2014

We prepare an innovative and complex training material for all levels of the public education in order to successfully execute the development of the key competence National self-awareness, patriotic education formulated in the National curriculum that came into effect in September 2013. The training material makes continuous teaching, learning and widespread knowledge transfer possible for both the teachers and pupils from the age of kindergartener to completing the secondary school.

30 Oct 2013– 1 Nov 2014

MTA SZTAKI creates and introduces a mobile tourist information system for Duna-Gerecse Tourism Public Benefit Nonprofit Ltd. and develops related multilingual walks in a standalone Duna-Gerecse audio guide application with independent sales.