Successful REFORMula Challenge Innovation Competition

The 2nd Budapest Grand Prix of the REFORMula Challenge Innovation Competition II, organized with the professional support of the Autonomous Systems National Laboratory coordinated by SZTAKI, in which teams of high school and university students competed their skills.

Nine teams entered the competition for Reformed secondary school and university students, with an average of 4-6 participants. Among other things, the teams were asked to choreograph a virtual drone fleet and design an algorithm for virtual self-driving vehicles – the teams were able to present their results using augmented reality. Students also competed in the Grand Prix with remote-controlled cars.

First place went to MY$kolcz, a team from the Lévay József Református Gimnázium és Diákotthon in Miskolc, with a score of 65.55 points, who came third in 2021. The second place went to a newcomer, the team of Magasztalók from the Reformed College and Student Home of Debrecen, with 61.11 points. The third place went to NyíRIFI, a team of students from different secondary schools recruited by the parish of Nyíregyháza, with 55.01 points.

The REFORMula Challenge Innovation Competition is a series of events organised by the Engineering Mission for the second time: the 2022 season was launched last August with team recruitment, and the Budapest Grand Prix was also broadcast on Facebook. The programme was hosted by Balázs Németh, Senior Research Fellow at the Systems and Control Lab of SZTAKI. A video of the event can be watched by clicking here.