Scientific Projects

1 Mar 1996– 31 May 1999


The DELOS Working Group was funded by the ESPRIT Long Term Research Programme (LTR No. 21057) within the Fourth Framework Programme of the Commission of the European Union. The objective was to promote research into the further development of digital library technologies.

We installed the first node of the globally distributed digital library called NCSTRL (Networked Computer Science Technical Reports Library) in Europe in 1995.

DSD has organized a DELOS workshop on collaborative filtering in 1997.

1 Jan 1995– 31 Dec 1998

Web4Groups was an EU-funded project among the Telematics Application Development Projects of the Fourth Framework Program. Its main goal was to develop an advanced, web-based groupware system. The project went on from 1995 to 1998. The software developed by the project is no longer in operation, but several new systems are based on the concepts and code of this software.

1 Jan 1994– 31 Dec 1996


VASIE (ESSI Project No 10211) aimed to provide value-added information for the European software best practice repository and to permanent disseminate the validated ESSI Process Improvement Experiments (PIE) results through the WWW. All ESSI improvement projects were reviewed, categorised and added continuously to the repository for dissemination.

1 Jan 1992– 31 Dec 2005

In a research project for Bosch, we develop scrap detection models based on the physical sensors of the manufacturing devices as well as logs of the production environment.

We develop data stream processing and predictive analytics tools for telecommunications data. One of our goals is a distributed Internet of Things data hub.