Third and final day of INCOM 2021 successfully concluded

The final day of INCOM 2021 began with a virtual coffee-break session about digital counterparts, such as models, shadows, twins and what is the differences between them.

By the rise of the digitalization era in industry, researchers try to address the possible cyber counterparts for many aspects of manufacturing and logistics to improve their operations. Such buzzwords often appear in the scientific and industrial discourse, yet their differentiation is still an on-going discussion that was further scrutinized by the attendees.

The final keynote presentation was held by Prof. Soundar Kumara, who talked about the role of artificial intelligence and machine learning in manufacturing, asking the question: “is there a life after deep learning?”. “In specific we address some of the success stories from the theoretical and applications point of view. We will address the pitfalls and examine reality vs. hype” – writes the professor in his official abstract.

At the closing ceremony, the Young Author Award was presented to Lucrezia Morabito for her paper titled “A Discrete Event Simulation Based Approach for Digital Twin Implementation”. It was also announced that the next INCOM Symposium will be hosted by TI Wein, Vienna, Austria in 2024.

The final day of INCOM 2021 had 17 different presentations in 5 virtual rooms. The entirety of INCOM 2021 had 50 presentations. The total number of live stream minutes viewed were 62879. The most viewed sessions, not including keynotes and ceremonies, were “Knowledge & data-driven decision-making in smart maintenance” with 46 users.