SZTAKI director László Monostori wins Gillemot prize

Budapest University of Technology and Economics professor and SZTAKI general director László Monostori was awarded by the Gillemot award for mechanical engineering on the 1st of October 2020.

A Gillemot-díj

The faculty councils reasoning was Monostori’s “several decades of valuable and internationally appreciated research on cyber-physical manufacturing systems and widespread implementation of its results”.

The award was named after two times Kossuth award winning mechanical engineer László Gillemot (1912-1977), material scientist and member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. His focus of research was the material analysis of metals to develop new methods of metal production, alloying and welding. He was responsible for the kickstart of Hungarian research of metallurgy and organizing the background of its vocational training. Gillemot was the head of the mechanical engineering faculty of Budapest University of Technology and Economics for three decades (1944-1977). He also lead the Hungarian metal industry research center as a co-founder between 1948 and 1969.

Photo: 1. Philip János, BME; 2. Márkus Zsolt László, SZTAKI
CV: Wikipedia

Monostori László (J)