Manufacturing in the world after COVID-19 – paper about the industry effects of the pandemic

The economic shockwave of the pandemic has been affecting manufacturing and accompanying logistics: reacting countries closed their borders after one and other, residents found themselves closed within their homes, affecting the global job market by slowing down every industrial procedure, or even forcing them to stop entirely.

Suppling slowed down as well. By the almost global block of flights, terrestrial and oceanic infrastructures have been experiencing pressure never seen before. Meanwhile, request of medical equipment has increased to an extent that was impossible for manufacturers to satisfy.

The question arises: how different manufacturing will be in a world after COVID-19? This is one of the topics touched by the paper published by ELKH SZTAKI director László Monostori and head of Research Laboratory on Engineering & Management Intelligence, József Váncza.

The English-language publication titled Lessons Learned from the COVID-19 Pandemic and Their Possible Consequences on Manufacturing, is freely available here.