Júlia Bergmann, SZTAKI and EPIC InnoLabs researcher to talk at Forbes Women’s Summit

The Hungarian edition of Forbes keeps its Women’s Summit event on the 26th of March 2021 with its focus on ideal workplace and career opportunities after the coronavirus pandemic.

The full day event will have a section called “Men’s work – women in IT”, during which Júlia Bergmann, SZTAKI and EPIC InnoLabs researcher will discuss several topics with Barbara Baráth ShareIT Lab co-founder and Green Fox Academy CEO, and Zita Nagyághy, software engineer of Falcon.io. The discussion will be moderated by Patrik Galavits, journalist of Forbes Hungary.

According to the official section agenda, childhood exemplification, old conditionings of the IT scene and the overall affects of these on choosing career paths will be also discussed, just as parental attitudes. The event is in Hungarian and public, yet monetized – you can find more information about on its official website.