Finnish-Hungarian AI Labs Partner Event held by the SZTAKI coordinated MILAB

The online conference had a limited number of attendees to focus on on-going projects, showcased by their sub-project leads.

The Finnish Center of AI (FCAI) has about sixty AI professionals in its researcher groups. FCAI aims to research and develop collaborative AI solutions which may cooperate with humans during complex tasks. It is about to renew the Finnish industry with such artificial intelligence methods and technologies.

Real AI in Real World – this is the motto of FCAI that wishes to bring AI closer to human cognition. The idea is that AI will assistant humans even further and this has to be the main direction of its development. Present-day AI works in limited capacities and current tools exist to overcome its shortcomings. To develop Real AI, data efficiency, ethics and ways of interaction must get to an even more advanced level.

Petri Myllymäky, AI professor from the FCAI talked about the center’s actual goals. Heli Helaakoski, research manager at VTT presented their ratio of funding and projects in Finland and in the EU. Simo Särkkä AI professors showcased FCAI’s research programs.

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