Group of Shared Virtual Reality

Room number
K-105, K-107
Our mission is to develop collective, predictive, shared and open source sustainable solutions, that solve the mainstream problems of the ITC domain.

Development projects:

Visualization of kinematic chains:
Our main goal was the visual presentation of kinematic chains written in Wolfram Mathemetica.



Remote industrial production monitoring and controlling application
Our goal is to collect data from a production line or production cell and visualize them in a virtual-reality digital twin. 
The data flow is bi-directional which enables not only monitoring of the production line but the remote control as well.


Real-time point-cloud streaming application for mixed-reality
The goal of this application is to blend and stream 3D point-cloud data into a virtual-reality scene in real-time. 
This enables to blend real objects into virtual reality in our case a person.
Mixed reality gives a better opportunity to communicate with field personnel, instead of using avatars. 



Real-time point cloud video record/replay application
With the help of this application, users are able to record 3D point cloud data in a virtual-reality scene similar to 2D videos. 
This way the recorded action can be observed from different angles which helps the user to better understand what happened.


Robot calibration tool application
This application calculates  and displays the transformation matrix of the digital twins of industrial robots used within the confines of ApertusVR

ApertusVR is a MIT licenced, open source, platform free, independent software system, that delivers a new aspect, in the integration of VR-AR, into fields of R+D, industry, medics, and consumer market.

Unpaid services:

  • Indirect user support via the ApertusVR community forum.

Paid services:

  • Direct user support for the ApertusVR software system.
  • Develop special applications using ApertusVR.
  • Integrating the functionalities of ApertusVR into other applications.


software engineer