Group of Shared Virtual Reality

Room number
K-611, K-105
Our mission is to develop collective, predictive, shared and open source sustainable solutions, that solve the mainstream problems of the ITC domain.

Research projects:
GINOP-2.1.1-15 Development of medical decision supporting software for the colorectal colonoscopical examinations, categorizing the pathological nature of polyps, ensuring a healthier society.

Our task is to develop a predictive medical decision supporting software, that helps the medical presonel in taking the right preventive decision in the treatment, instead of the time consuming pathological examinations.
Development projects:
Our main goal was the visual presentation of kinematic chains written in Wolfram Mathemetica.
ApertusVR is a MIT licenced, open source, platform free, independent software system, that delivers a new aspect, in the integration of VR-AR, into fields of R+D, industry, medics, and consumer market.

Unpaid services:

  • Indirect user support via the ApertusVR community forum.

Paid services:

  • Direct user support for the ApertusVR software system.
  • Develop special applications using ApertusVR.
  • Integrating the functionalities of ApertusVR into other applications.


IT engineer