Laboratory of Parallel and Distributed Systems


MTA SZTAKI, over its part, LPDS (Laboratory of Parallel and Distributed Systems) as a key research institute in distributed, grid and cloud technologies is a founding member of the Hungarian Grid Competence Centre, the Hungarian National Grid Initiative and the Hungarian OpenNebula Community and also coordinates several European Grid projects in the 7th Framework.

The main research areas of the laboratory are the grid and cloud technologies.

Our mission is twofold in grid related research. On one hand we would like to provide efficient software development tools and high-level services together with customizable scientific gateways (WS-PGRADE/gUSE) based on workflows. On the other hand we are developing easy-to-maintain middleware solutions (SZTAKI Desktop Grid) and technologies for inter-operability (3G-Bridge) that enables cost-efficient alternative distributed, grid and cloud platforms for scientific and business applications.

Our laboratory, in association/cooperation with the departments ILAB, ITAK and DSD, was involved in the development of the SZTAKI Cloud, and takes part in more and more cloud based projects. Our cloud computing group is focusing on research related to the field of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) based cloud systems. The main goal of our cloud research is to make our previously evolved products and services to be available for cloud-based executing in a scalable and transparent way.

Main research areas

  • grid computing, especially Desktop Grids
  • cloud systems
  • interoperability between cloud and grid systems
  • resource brokering in cloud systems
  • scientific gateways for grid and cloud systems
  • workflow based IT solutions

Main achievements

LPDS has participated in national and international grid research projects since 2000 with outstanding results in the area of Grid middleware and in the development of high-level user interfaces. In this field an important result is the WS-PGRADE/gUSE Portal (continuously developed), made for to access grid and cloud systems through a portal in a convenient and user-friendly way.

  • Providing IT based solutions for more effective exploitation of our resources

Other important development of the laboratory in the grid research field is the SZTAKI Desktop Grid (SZDG). The goal of SZDG is to provide a solution to exploit the spare capacities of home PCs, or computers located at different sites of a company or an institute. A desktop grid can interconnect a large number of distributed resources to solve complex scientific applications, allowing anyone to contribute to national and international science projects with their PCs.

  • Extending resource from the cloud

In the cloud-based research field we have two closed and two ongoing projects. S-CUBE is a service-based system that solves the fragmentation of the research done by different scientific groups. The goal of EDGI was to develop a middleware between clouds and grids in order to make the cloud system able to help the grid in dynamic resource brokering. The ongoing SCI-BUS project performs application-specific portals for the different fields of science that let the users to access distributed computing infrastructures in a transparent way. Within the SZTAKI Cloud our aim is to adapt the gUSE/WS-PGRADE Portal (used in several European grids) to cloud and make it scalable.

  • Knowledge transfer, supporting education

Since 2004, with national and international trainings, LPDS provides knowledge transfer and targets new users from industry as well as from science. LPDS organized and hosted several grid and cloud summer schools and is very active in undergraduate and postgraduate education. Personnel of the laboratory conduct regular lectures/classes at graduate and postgraduate levels at universities ELTE, OE, and BME. The laboratory is the founding member of the International Desktop Grid Federation.

International and EU-s projects

  • Ongoing projects
SCI-BUS (Coordinator: LPDS)
IDGF-SP (Coordinator: LPDS)

  • Recently closed projects

GLOBAL excursion
EDGI (Coordinator: LPDS)
DEGISCO (Coordinator: LPDS)
SHIWA (Coordinator: LPDS)
EDGeS (Coordinator: LPDS)

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