Péter Gáspár

head of research laboratory
1111 Budapest, Kende u. 13-17.
Room number
K 220
+36 1 279 6171
+36 1 466 7503


Péter Gáspár received both the M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Faculty of Transportation Engineering and Vehicle Engineering in 1985 and 1997, respectively, and the D.Sc. degree in control from the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (HAS) in 2007. Since 1990 he has been a senior research fellow at the Systems and Control Laboratory (SCL), Computer and Automation Research Institute, HAS and since 2007 he has been a Research Professor. He is Head of the Vehicle Dynamics and Control Research Group within SCL. He is also a full professor at the Control and Transport Automation Department, Budapest University of Technology and Economics. He is a member of IFAC Technical Committee on both the Automotive Control and the Transportation Systems. He is a co-author of 2 books on control theory. He has 52 journal papers, 4 book chapters and 176 papers in conference proceedings with more than 465 citations. His research interests include linear and nonlinear systems, robust control, multi-objective control, system identification and identification for control. His research and industrial works have involved mechanical systems, vehicle structures and vehicle control.


  • Head: Vehicle Dynamics and Control
  • Research Advisor: MTA SZTAKI Systems and Control Laboratory


  • Corresponding Member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, 2016
  • D.Sc. degree from the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, 2007
  • Ph.D. degree from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, 1997
  • M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from the BME Faculty of Transportation Engineering and Vehicle Engineering, 1985

Research Areas

  • Control design methods based on linear and nonlinear models
  • Components of vehicle control, e.g., variable-geometry suspension systems, global chassis control
  • Cooperative control of a vehicle platoon system
  • Integrated control systems for vehicles
  • Supervisory decentralized architecture

Memberships, Assignments

  • Member of the Computer and Automation Committee of the HAS
  • Member of the IFAC Technical Committee on Automotive Control
  • Member of the IFAC Technical Committee on Transportation Systems

Educational Activity

  • Budapest University of Technology and Economics
    • Control Theory (MSc courses)
    • Vehicle Control (BSc courses)

Selected projects

  • TRUCKDAS project (2009-2012)
    • The aim of the TRUCKDAS project (The innovation of driver assistance distributed systems for commercial vehicle platform) was to implement active safety and driver assistance functions on commercial vehicle platform in order to reduce the number of accidents under strict economy and operational conditions.
  • Advanced Vehicles and Vehicle Control Knowledge Center (2004-2008)
    • The aim of the EJJT project was to establish academic and vehicle industry knowledge and competence and to provide this knowledge to vehicle manufacturers and suppliers. The focuses of the project were control of vehicle components, integrated vehicle control and distributed control architecture.

- Refurbishment of the primary circuit pressure control (2003-2004)

    • The aim of the project was to replace the old relay-based controller with a PLC-based distributed controller, which had been developed by our laboratory. This project was a part of the project to increase the capacity of the Nuclear Power Plant of Paks.

- Control-oriented modeling for nonlinear systems (2005-2008)

  • The aim of the OTKA project was to estimate unknown parameters and components of the nonlinear state space models based on input-output signals of the system. In our research the focus was on the solution of the grey-box estimation of LPV models and in particular the elimination of initial value problem, the effect of sampling time.

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