D+ Sport developed by the eLearning Department of MTA SZTAKI is the first and only Hungarian language sport application. You can use it when you run, ride a bicycle or walk while the software measures your speed and the time needed to take a kilometre and logs the route which you can fly in street view later. It organises the photos taken during the walk into an album or puts them onto a map in order you can share with anyone where you went and what you saw!
The 15th Night of Museums is organised on the 24th June this year which has become the most popular domestic event series for a long while. Across the country, more than 2000 events at some 380 locations vie for our attention. Its highlighted topic is value preservation and its capital is Debrecen this year. The eLearning Department of our institute supports the organisers and visitors by providing a smart phone application again this year.
Attila József is probably the most outstanding character of the Hungarian 20th century poetry. He was born in district 9 of Budapest, called Ferencváros, in April 1905. He spent the first 14 years of his life in the district. In 2015, on the initiative of the local government of Ferencváros, the eLearning Department of MTA SZTAKI and the Ferencváros Local History Collection prepared a GPS-based interactive smartphone walk under the title of "Attila József in Ferencváros”. In April 2017, the developers of the walk prepared and arranged a special orientation field competition based on mobile games for students studying in the district with the support of the local government of Ferencváros for the festive day of the Hungarian poetry.
The first Hungarian film-tourism smartphone application has been created with the contribution of the eLearning Department of MTA SZTAKI. The application provides the most complete guide of one of the most popular film destination capitals, Budapest.

High-resolution spherical panorama pictures prepared by the eLearning Department of MTA SZTAKI for MIDMAR tourist organisation are available on Google Maps as well from now on.

The pictures has been available so far on Website of MIDMAR, in GUIDE@HAND Miskolc smart phone application and on VR glasses in Miskolc Cafe!