25% stronger wind in Europe?

Despite the uncertain global economy, attendance figures for the  European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) conference 2013 are looking positive. The December statistics for registeredconference delegates are 25% higher compared with registration figures at the same stage before EWEA 2012. " Make your vision really ” is also a promising motto of the conference.

The applications are positive, so there is the chance to overcome this year the current record that was reached at EWEA 2012, Europe’s premier wind energy event held in Copenhagen, Denmark, attended by over 10,600 individuals from wind energy- related companies from around the world, it became the busiest EWEA event held to date. EWEA’s next annual event will take place from 4–7 February in Vienna, Austria, in the Prater and offers a conference and exhibition under one roof. It is really easy to reach the conference from Hungary having paid the relatively high participation fee what is discounted this year in many ways. It is worth to do this short trip because probably a surprise will wait the participants at the entrance, e.g. on the 2011 EWEA event in Brussels an around 90 m long blade saluted to the participants at the main entrance.

Commerce, technology and politics ” will be combined on the annual European event organised around six different themes:

  • Policies & markets
  • Integration in electricity systems and markets
  • Resource assessment
  • Hardware technology
  • Science & research
  • Financing

Beyond the exchange of knowledge and information it is an excellent forum to establish international relations, too. Among the key speakers we can find the Greek president of EWEA and the Italian leader of the conference; moreover we can hear presentations of Ministers from Austria, Turkey and Ireland.

This year Dr. Zsolt János Viharos , researcher at the Engineering and Management Intelligence Research Laboratory of MTA SZTAKI received the honour to act as one of the organisers as the chair of the session “ Improved operations and maintenance ” inside the Science & research theme. The  programme of the conference is already published on the internet, too. The presentations for the session led by Dr. Zsolt János Viharos were also finalized with the main aim to present the great variety of modelling techniques required for wind turbine and wind farm supervision. One of the strength of the session is that in each presentation the results are compared with real wind turbine and wind farm data, moreover, the discussion after the presentations is led by the Head of Product Support of one of the key worldwide wind turbine production companies, resulting in the establishment of strong connections between scientific results and all-day wind energy related applications. The participation is promising it will be a real European session with presenters from Great Britain, Austria, Germany, Hungary and Spain!