SZTAKI SSS ® Multiplatform Technology 2.0


Application for archiving presentations and conference materials, capable of displaying videos and presentations in a synchronous manner

The SZTAKI SSS® Technology is an application for archiving and presenting conference materials, university lectures and any other types of presentations. It can display the videos and related illustrations (slides or other multimedia items) in a synchronous manner. The archived presentation can be displayed either on a PC through the Web or on a mobile device. The SZTAKI SSS system is able to create standardised eLearning packages from the presentation. Due to the fact that it is fully compatible with the SCORM standard, the SSS Player is ready for bidirectional communication with eLearning frameworks, such as ILIAS and Moodle. Therefore, the recorded presentations can be easily uploaded into existing eLearning repositories. The layout can be customised based on the requirements of the user.

SSS Presentation

The SSS System consists of two main applications:

  • SZTAKI SSS Player application. Multiplatform player for synchronised videos.
  • SZTAKI SSS Editor application. Editor for creating synchronised packages.

Details and sample pages  (in Hungarian):