Development Projects

29 Feb – 30 Dec

In the framework of the several decade long successful cooperation between MTA SZTAKI and the MVM Paks Nuclear Power Plant Ltd., SZTAKI is providing independent expert assistance in the preparation and execution of the I&C refurbishment projects of the NPP. The most important tasks of the actual framework contract are the following:

  • The independent verification of the reliability-related documentation of the Reactor Rod Control System (RRCS) refurbishment project.

The Sindy Project is Institute's own unmanned aerial vehicle development project. The aircraft was designed to serve as a test platform for UAV on-board avionics system development. The mathematical model will be  identified and it will be made available to the public. The main goal was to create an easily reproducible aircraft, using accessible parts and simple technologies, which only require ordinary tools. This feature - together with the availablity of the mathematical model - makes this aircraft a good platform for control research purposes.