Development Projects

23 Sep 2020– 22 Sep 2024

Knowledge graphs have become the most important tools of sharing and connecting research or industry information and contacts.  These graphs enable, in a flexible way, the access, use and publication of data as a distributed system.

Apr 2020

The goal of the project is to establish a Hungarian research data repository supporting the COVID-19 pandemic related research initiatives.  The research data repository serves as a data store and repository solution both for international and national uses, and provides a definite (peer-to-peer) controlled reliable data sharing platform.

The system builds on the secure data storage and well defined access rights existing in the MTA Cloud services, which is jointly maintained by SZTAKI and Wigner research institutes. 

1 Jul 2014– 5 Nov 2018

The Hungarian Scientific Bibliography (MTMT) is a comprehensive national bibliographic database of scientific publications and citations. Since 1999 MTMT collects data from researchers and institutions, and serves more than 30 thousand users. Furthermore, MTMT also provides national and educational institutions with scientific statistical data. The quality of the bibliographic records and the management of institutional data are supervised by a country-wide network of MTMT administrators.

1 Sep 2012– 31 Aug 2014

„Blindness separates us from things, but deafness separates us from people.” (Helen Keller)

Show your voice! The InterpreterGlove system operates as a sign language interpreter, enabling the speech- and hearing-impaired to communicate with the nondisabled using sign language, their native language. As the signs are automatically transformed to text and audible speech, this solution will significantly improve the communication for the hearing-disabled.

1 May 2010– 31 May 2011

The aim of the KOPI-Trans project is to create algorithms that enable locating and finding English translations of a Hungarian text, either on the internet, in digital libraries or collections. Finding translations is a yet to-be-solved problem on international level as well, even between English and German which are languages spoken by many, however finding a solution to it would mean a great advance in several fields.

1 Jan 2010– 31 Dec 2011

DSD cooperates with Nuance to design and implement web services built on Nuance technologies in a cloud environment. The project targets the production of high availability, elastic components, which will be able to serve individuals as well as high profile business partners of Nuance.


1 Jan 2009– 31 Aug 2010

The ILI (Intelligent Visitor Guidance: Interactive environment driven by contextual semantics) project's aim is to create an integrated visitor guidance framework that is able to guide visitors in various environments (e.g. museum, hospital, shopping mall, car park, etc.), integrating the capabilities of sensors, location devices and modern displays and interactive devices, thus ILI creates intelligent buildings by enabling high level context-aware services for users.

1 Jan 2007– 31 Dec 2009

__RICOH - SZTAKI press release

1 Aug – 30 Nov

The targets, the scope and the dimension of the T-Soa project are withheld.

1 Jun 2006– 31 Oct 2007

The goal of the project

Freesoft Plc. has made considerable efforts to make the quality of its products and services better via the developments that are to be realized through R&D project results. Its Contentum content management product, which is a market leader in the field of file and document management systems used in public administration in Hungary, aims to support the better management of search and retrieval functions of these systems and to reduce the high costs of digitizing.