György Kovács

1111 Budapest, Kende u. 13-17.
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K 424
+36 1 279 6140
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Graduated at the Technical University of Budapest, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, 1966. Dr. Techn. degree (Ph.D.) at the same university in 1976, Habil. and Prof. at the same university in 1995. Dr. of the Academy of Sciences degree (Design Problems of Manufacturing Systems) in 1997 at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Research fellow in the Computer and Automation Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences since 1966. Recently head of CIM Research Laboratory since 1990. Professor at the Technical University of Budapest and at the University of Pecs. Visiting researcher in the USA (one year), Soviet Union (two years), West Germany (one year) and visiting professor in Mexico (six months) and in Italy (6+1 months). More than 300 scientific publications in journals and conference proceedings, including IFIP and IFAC world congresses. More than 100 independent citations in valued journals. Deputy chairman of the Eastern European MAP/TOP Interest Group, member of several Hungarian and international scientific organizations, as IEEE (senior member), IFAC and IFIP. Hungarian IFIP TC5 representative and deputy chairman of TC5. Member of the editorial board of 4 scientific journals. Often organizer and invited plenary speaker and round table moderator at international conferences, as for example MIM’2001 in Prague, PROLAMAT 2001 and CSIT 2004 in Budapest. Scientific interest: CIM, robotics, computer aided design and manufacturing, expert and hybrid systems, virtual manufacturing, industrial networks, technology transfer. Project manager of several Hungarian and international R&D projects, including European joint projects and bilateral research projects.

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