SZTAKI Desktop Grid - Discontinued


The SZDG (SZTAKI Desktop Grid) project is operated by the Laboratory of Parallel and Distributed Systems and has three applications running:


  • KOPI Plagiarism Checker, developed and operated by MTA SZTAKI DSD is the best-known in the Hungarian language. However, the spread of the Internet and the fact that more people speak foreign languages generated a new form of plagiarism, translational plagiarism. An algorithm has been developed that helps us to find the translation of a given sentence or text quickly, even in a large foreign language content. To facilitate this search function we have to process the foreign language sources first. As it needs a great deal of computation capacity and time, we have decided to place the text processing, especially that of Wikipedia, on a GRID basis. The English Wikipedia consists of nearly 4 million articles, and is about 30GB, without the pictures and the accessory data. To process such a great amount of data large computation capacity is a must. To ensure that the database of the plagiarism-checker is up-to-date, we have to process the datasets from Wikipedia on a monthly basis. We are able to do this with the help of the donors linked to the SZTAKI Desktop Grid: we split the dataset into smaller parts, transfer them into textual format, split them into sentences, and then we take the stem of all words.
  • BinSys' aim is to find all the generalized binary number systems up to dimension 11. Below we give a short description of the number system concept and mention a few possible applications.
  • UC-Explorer: The aim of this study is to help understanding the basic universality classes of non-equlibrium systems.