Digital holographic microscope


Unlike conventional light microscopes, digital holographic microscopes can capture objects from an entire transparent volume. Therefore, it can monitor even 300 times larger sample volume by taking a single snapshot. At MTA-SZTAKI, we have developed different digital holographic microscope versions:

  • Color or monochromatic holographic microscope with different resolution;
  • Combination of fluorescent and holographic microscope;
  • Holographic microscope with multi aspect image capturing capabilities;
  • Self referenced fluorescent holographic microscope.

The holographic microscope can perform automatic operation as well. Using flow chamber, it can automatically capture holograms, detect, cut, and save the floating objects, and classify them.

Application areas:

  • Drinking water safety;
  • Monitoring algae and worms in different samples;
  • Environment monitoring/protection;
  • Monitoring industrial water;
  • Monitoring of the products in food industry;
  • Monitoring object particle sizes even from multiple aspects (e.g. pharmaceutical industry);
  • Ballast water monitoring;
  • Measuring cyanobacteria concentration.

We are looking for industrial partners for introducing the technology for different industries.