Gábor Bacsó

senior research fellow
1111 Budapest, Lágymányosi u. 11.
Room number
L 511
+36 1 279 6235

Education: Eötvös L. University, Budapest
 Inclusive dates of attendance: 1973-1978
 Masters Degree: 1978 Specialization: Mathematics "Doctoral Thesis" in 1988
 Title: Chordless paths and dominating sets

Title of PhD Thesis: Perfect graphs and dominating sets (Awarded in July 1998)

Languages learnt: Hungarian, French, German, English, Russian

Positions held:

  • 1978-85, 1987: SZÁMKI, programmer
  • 1986: Mathematical Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, guest researcher
  • 1988-90: Eötvös L. University Dept. of Computer Sci. Head: L. Lovász, fellowship, giving lectures and doing research
  • 1991-93: Eötvös L. University, instructor
  • 1993-96: Eötvös L. University, PhD scholarship
  • 1996 April-June: Leibniz Laboratoire Institut IMAG Fourier Univ. Grenoble, fellowship of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • 1996-: Computer and Automation Inst. Hungar. Acad. Sci., senior researcher

Invited course:

  • spring 1993: Rome Sapienza University, lecture series of about ten lectures

on perfect graphs and domination

Invited speaker at international conferences:

  • July 1993: Workshop on Perfect Graphs Princeton Univ.
  • October 1994: DONET Workshop
  • July 1995: EURO XIV Jerusalem

Fields of interest:

  • perfect graphs
  • dominating sets in graphs
  • graph and hypergraph coloration
  • linear and integer programming
  • combinatorial optimization

Important publications

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