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Levente Kocsis, Ph.D., senior research fellow
Levente Kocsis
Address: 1111 Budapest, Lágymányosi u. 11.
Mail address: 1111 Budapest, Lágymányosi u. 11
Room number: L 104
Phone: +36 1 279 6287
E-mail: kocsis.leventeEZT_TOROLJE_KI@EZT_TOROLJE_KIsztaki.mta.hu
Department: Informatics Laboratory


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BoostingTree: parallel selection of weak learners in boosting, with application to ranking
Authors: Kocsis, Levente; György, A; Nándoriné Bán, Andrea
Date: 2013.
Published by: MACHINE LEARNING (Issue no.: 2, Page: 2)


The grand challenge of computer go: Monte Carlo tree search and extensions
Authors: Gelly, S; Kocsis, Levente; Schoenauer, M; Sebag, M; Silver, D; Szepesvári, C; Teytaud, O
Date: 2012.
Published by: COMMUNICATIONS OF THE ACM (Page: 1)
The grand challenge of computer Go: Monte Carlo Tree Search and Extensions
Authors: Gelly, Sylvain; Kocsis, Levente; Schoenauer, Marc; Sebag, Michèle; Silver, David; Szepesvári, Csaba; Teytaud, Olivier
Date: 2012. 03.
Published by: Communications of the ACM


Fraud detection by generating positive samples for classification from unlabeled data
Authors: Kocsis, Levente; György, András
Date: 2010.
Published by: ICML 2010. Proceedings of the 27th international conference on machine learning. Workshop on machine learning and games. Haifa, 2010. (Page: 1)


Transpositions and move groups in Monte Carlo tree search
Authors: Childs, Benjamin E.; Brodeur, James H.; Kocsis, Levente
Date: 2008.
Published by: CIG 2008. IEEE symposium on computational intelligence and games. Pert, 2008. (Page: 3)


Continuous time associative bandit problems
Authors: György, András; Kocsis, Levente; Szabó, Ivett; Szepesvári, Csaba
Date: 2007.
Published by: ICJAI 2007. 20th international joint conference on artificial intelligence. Hyderabad, 2007. (Page: 8)


Universal parameter Optimisation in games based on SPSA
Authors: Kocsis, Levente; Szepesvári, Csaba
Date: 2006.
Published by: Machine Learning (Page: 2)
RSPSA: enhanced parameter optimisation in games
Authors: Kocsis, Levente; Szepesvári, Csaba; Winands, MHM
Date: 2006.
Published by: Lecture Notes in Computer Science (Page: 3)
Bandit based Monte-Carlo planning
Authors: Kocsis, Levente; Szepesvári, Csaba
Date: 2006.
Published by: Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence (Page: 2)

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