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EU Centre of ExcellenceISO 9001

ERCIMW3C MemberFraunhofer Project Center

Research Group for Parameterized Algorithms and Complexity

This department is part of the Informatics Laboratory.

Head of department

Dániel Marx
Dániel Marx
Address: 1111 Budapest, Lágymányosi u. 11.
Room number: L 410
Phone: +36 1 279 6167
E-mail: dmarxEZT_TOROLJE_KI@EZT_TOROLJE_KIsztaki.mta.hu
Homepage: http://www.cs.bme.hu/~dmarx/


Parameterized complexity studies algorithmic problems in a multivariate framework that is finer than traditional complexity measures. This more detailed analysis allows us to discover efficient algorithms and reveal structures in algorithmic problems that are hidden from classical approaches. Our research group explores all aspects of parameterized complexity, including algorithms, preprocessing of combinatorial optimization problems (kernelization), and lower bounds (complexity results). Our work involves several problem domains such as graph algorithms, combinatorial optimization problems, constraint satisfaction problems, logic, and the theory of databases.

Research areas

parameterized algorithms
complexity theory
graph algorithms
constraint satisfaction


ERC Starting Grant 2012-2016

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Gábor Bacsó
Gábor Bacsó
Address: 1132 Budapest Victor Hugo u. 18-22.
Room number: VH 028
Phone: +36 1 279 6056
E-mail: bacso.gaborEZT_TOROLJE_KI@EZT_TOROLJE_KIsztaki.mta.hu
Édouard Bonnet
E-mail: bonnet.edouardEZT_TOROLJE_KI@EZT_TOROLJE_KIsztaki.mta.hu
Lin Chen
Lin Chen
Address: 1111 Budapest, Lágymányosi u. 11.
Mail address: chenlin198662@gmail.com
Room number: L 511
Phone: +36 1 279 6238
E-mail: chen.linEZT_TOROLJE_KI@EZT_TOROLJE_KIsztaki.mta.hu
Homepage: https://sites.google.com/site/chenlin198662/
Radu Cristian Curticapean
E-mail: curticapeanEZT_TOROLJE_KI@EZT_TOROLJE_KIsztaki.mta.hu
Tillmann Miltzow
E-mail: miltzow.tillmannEZT_TOROLJE_KI@EZT_TOROLJE_KIsztaki.mta.hu
Vasiliki Despoina Mitsou
Vasiliki Despoina Mitsou
Address: 1111 Budapest, Lágymányosi u. 11.
Mail address: 1518 Budapest, Pf. 63.
Room number: L 416
Phone: +36 1 279 6183
E-mail: mitsou.vasilikiEZT_TOROLJE_KI@EZT_TOROLJE_KIsztaki.mta.hu
Homepage: http://info.ilab.sztaki.hu/~vmitsou/
Sandeep Ramani Balakrishnan
E-mail: sandeepEZT_TOROLJE_KI@EZT_TOROLJE_KIsztaki.mta.hu
Pawel Michal Rzazewski
E-mail: pawel.rzazewskiEZT_TOROLJE_KI@EZT_TOROLJE_KIsztaki.mta.hu